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Check out New Episodes each week as some of the World's biggest music creators share their process.

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   Banking On Music

The Banking On  Music Podcast is your doorway to some of the World's biggest music creators as they give you the keys to succeed. Listen as they share their experience, the tools they use to create hits, and the passion behind their drive. Your Banking On Music host is Jd Webb, a fellow Music Creator, Platinum Selling Songwriter with hundreds of TV and Film Placements as well as two Emmy nominations.

Hey music bankers! We are excited to announce our Private Facebook Group where you can upload your music, network with other music creators and the best part? We will be listening to your songs and choosing a select group of them to play and review with some of our iconic past and future guests. This is your opportunity to have your music heard by some of the Worlds biggest music creators and industry heavy weights, as well as to give you a platform where you can connect with other great music creators. Since this podcast started, virtually every guest we’ve had has expressed how much they would love to give back to others because of the opportunities that were given to them.  So join our private Banking On Music Facebook group now and be one of the first to share your music. I’ll be there and I can’t wait to interact with you!

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Jd Webb

Executive Producer & Host