Tech Talk with Charles Jones

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

He's a fan of Apogee!!!

Charles Jones' mic of choice is the Apogee HypeMic - The Apogee HypeMic is a USB mic with a headphone output and built in studio quality compression. STREAMLINE your studio and make that mic work for you whether you are in the studio or on the go!!! Save some money when you purchase the Apogee HypeMic USB Microphone and Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Content Creator Bundle!

Charles also uses the Apogee Element ( Apogee’s Element 24, 46 and 88 are Thunderbolt audio I/O boxes for Mac) and the Apogee Duet which is noted to be the most popular portable audio interface for professional quality recording.

Apogee delivers ultimate sound quality you can bank on!

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